Intro to Desuni

The DesUni teaching model proposes a novel design-oriented approach to education through design thinking. The DesUni teaching model is a unique pedagogical framework for creating problem-based learning. It helps university teachers to generate student-centred learning processes in which students become creative knowledge constructors; wicked problem solvers who are able to navigate and create unknown futures in their learning. As the DesUni name attempts to communicate, DESign is the theoretical rationale underlying the DesUni teaching model. The model’s target group is UNIversity teachers and students. In many ways the model offers a paradigm shift, aimed at changing traditional university education. It involves a change in curriculum, teaching methods, use of knowledge, teaching style, teacher-student relations, culture, habitat and assessment. Additionally, it bridges collaboration and cross-disciplinary approaches for students in discovering what might be in the future.

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DesUni Introduction

DesUni - The basics