Surrounding the student in the centre the inner elements support and stimulate the student’s actions, imaginations and mind-set, and are concerned with the students own will.

In order for students to be less passive in the teaching process the DesUni model is made up of factors related to inner and outer processes. The factors in the DesUni model are about putting the students in a Design-Thinking frame of mind in the teaching process, so as to change their expectations from being passive receivers of theoretical knowledge, to becoming active creators of knowledge and the primary agents in the teaching process.

Design requires action and experimentation to construct new knowledge, solve wicked problems and create preferred futures.

Changing a student’s frame of mind, through Design-Thinking, requires design action and experimentation to develop something new. However, the inner elements of the DesUni model can be hard for the teacher to change without support from the outer elements.

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